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Sorry, The Million Dollar Bird registration period has closed!

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Samy’s Sprits and Steak House along with the Clarion Inn, Sleep Inn and Finney County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau are teaming up together to bring you Samy’s Million Dollar Bird.

Banded roosters in Finney County give hunters a shot at not only filling their freezers but also their wallets. The specially banded birds give immediate rewards and one bird could be worth up to $1,000,000! Samy’s Spirits and Steakhouse has come up with the Million Dollar Bird as another way to draw pheasant hunters to the area. The Million Dollar Bird Kick-Off Party will be held at Samy’s Spirits and Steakhouse on November 8th from 7-9pm. Registration for the Million Dollar Hunt will begin at www.visitgck.com on September 6th and end on November 30th, however, the bird can be shot throughout the hunting season. Participants will be required to enter their hunting license number during registration, the pheasant must be shot in Finney County and hunters must also not be related to any employee of any affiliates of Samy’s Enterprises or Finney County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. On February 9th a party will be held for the hunter who harvests the Million Dollar Bird. At this time he or she will have a chance to draw from 250 envelopes for the grand prize. It’s that simple. Please contact Holli Ayala hayala@finneycountycvb.com  or Donicio at  dionicio@gcclarioninn.com  with any questions.


Out-of-State Hunting License Fees:

16 years of age and older: $97.50
Under 16 years of age: $42.50

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