PDS Storm Tours

There is nothing more breath taking than watching a storm from seeing the flashes of lightning, hearing the rumble of the thunder and the sound of rain falling around you. Imagine being a participant and witness to Mother Nature’s “other” side. This is not your ordinary storm chasing tour company. Come ride with us and be enthralled as we show you the magnificent and majestic beauty of storm chasing in the plains. Our guest will be active participants in the chase as you become a part of the most extreme vacation of a lifetime! During your journey with us, you will not only see weather as it happens, but you will learn about it first hand. You will see how it forms, how it sustains itself and how its interactions enhance our ability to provide you with a view like no other that only the great plains and midwest provide.


Day On Call Chase within 150 miles of Garden City $200
Day On Call Chase outside 150 miles of Garden City $400
Week Long Chase Tour with Hotel Included $2,900

For more information, you can call Barb Robertson at (636) 575-6497 or Gene Robertson at (620) 640-5226. You can also visit their website: www.pdsstormtours.com or like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pdsstormchasers.