Ever wanted to head to the great state located in the midwestern part of the United States? We’re talking about Kansas, the wheat capital of the world.

With about $7.3 billion spent by tourists, Kansas is a popular destination for a vacation. However, where should you go to see the best places in Kansas?

In this guide, you’ll learn some things to do in Kansas. Read on and learn the best spots in the Sunflower state:

1. Lee Richardson Zoo

Located in Garden City, the zoo’s name is from a Chief of Police. They helped establish the zoo in 1927. The zoo had humble beginnings but grew to become home to over 100 animal species.

The county zoo divides its sections by region. It has animals from North and South America, Australia, and other regions. They even have an Australian exhibit featuring emus, red kangaroos, and more.

2. Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

Hutchinson, Kansas, features this space museum, planetarium, and STEM education center. It has restored spaceship exhibits and space camps. It has over 13,000 spaceflight relics—the largest in the world.

Some objects on display flew into space, while others are flight-ready backups. You can explore the Cosmosphere the entire day and never have a dull moment.

3. Garden Rapids at The Big Pool

Garden City’s Big Pool is the world’s biggest swimming pool dug by hand. Built in 1921, this recreational facility has newer additions. It includes a bathhouse and a wading pool for children.

In the early days, anyone can use the pool. After a century, it needs a facelift that costs lots of money. It has a small entrance fee to help fund these restoration and improvement projects.

Now, the Big Pool has five water slides. It’s a welcoming community center to slake the hot Kansas summers.

4. Museum of World Treasures

Witchita’s Museum of World Treasures features a vast array of historical pieces. They have the famous Ivan the T. Rex fossil and Egyptian mummies. It’s diverse and spans three floors.

The organization behind the museum is nonprofit. Thanks to their donors’ generosity, they can host events, exhibits, and educational programs. It also has a banquet room for meetings, weddings, and other events.

5. Sandsage Bison Range

The Sandsage Bison Range is unique because of its location. It’s within Garden City’s last few remaining native Sandsage prairies. In 1924, they reintroduced bison to the area, making them a primary attraction.

Nature lovers will have the best experience touring this remarkable area. You have guided bison tours and wildflower walks. The latter is available from March to October.

Other public events happen during spring and summer. Every Saturday, visitors can get closer to various flora and fauna native to the prairie. Be sure to pack the right set of clothes for Garden City’s weather.

6. Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

This farmstead in Overland Park offers a family-friendly farm experience. It enables you to mingle with farm animals and birds of prey. They also have butterfly gardens and educational facilities.

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead offers more interactive activities for every family member. They have nature walks, a fishing pond, and horse and pony rides. Their 12-acre park is enough for these and more throughout the year.

After a fun time, your family is in for a treat. The park offers various refreshment choices. It includes a restaurant and an ice cream parlor.

7. Flat Mountain Brewhouse

For a more adult but wholesome attraction, Flat Mountain Brewhouse is your best choice. It is Garden City’s first artisan brewery. Ever since its opening in 2019, it has become a popular community meeting place.

Three local couples own this brewhouse. Their vision was to bring the craft beer culture to their wonderful city. They aim to make the perfect place to revive the downtown scene.

The brewhouse is a family-friendly venue. It has 12 craft beer options, rotating each week to entice you to come back for more. Their amazing food menu offers something for everyone, including children.

Get a taste of Flat Mountain Brewhouse’s craft beers on a tasting flight. Pick your favorite brew and order it in various sizes.

8. Kansas Speedway

The Kansas Speedway is one of the primary attractions in Kansas. It’s a race track that spans 1.5 miles. This motorsports facility hosts various NASCAR events yearly. They even have two Sprint Cup Series races.

If you’re a NASCAR fan, going to these races is a must. The area around your accommodations will have several amenities. This includes movie theaters and outdoor shopping malls.

Another great attraction near the Kansas Speedway is the Hollywood Hotel and Casino. It overlooks the track’s turn two. The casino area has over 100,000 square feet for the gaming floor.

9. El Zarape

El Zarape’s humble beginning started in 1967 as a Mom & Pop venture. Phyllis and Manuel Garcia, the founders, built the business to share their love of Mexican food. They offered fresh and wholesome products to the Garden City community.

Now, the Garcia couple’s children and grandchildren run the restaurant. It still holds as one of the town’s premier Mexican food providers.

If it’s your first time visiting El Zarape, try their salsa. It’s one of their best products. It’s so delicious that they bottle and ship it across several states.

Their menu offers combination meals. It’s a great way of enjoying your favorite Mexican food items on a single plate.

10. Botanica: Wichita Gardens

Botanica is the collective term for 30 botanical garden locations in Wichita. Each has distinguishing features, such as the Downing Children’s Garden. They have whimsical decorations geared toward a younger audience.

Another great area is the Wichita Butterfly Garden, which has various butterfly species. You can view them as they flit about various plants and flowers.

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With lots of things to do in Kansas, you won’t have a boring day. It matters not whether your trip was for business or pure leisure.

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