The sun is shining, you’re feeling well-rested, and you have the whole day ahead of you to enjoy the amazing bike trails in Garden City.

While you may not think of Garden City as a hot spot for bike lovers, but they have miles of trails perfect for beginners and experienced cyclists alike.

Do you still need convincing? Read below for seven reasons Garden City should be your next biking destination.

1. Easy Access to Downtown

The perfect morning of bike riding ends with a stroll and a nice lunch in downtown Garden City. If you end your bike ride near Stevens Park, you are within walking distance to Main Street and historic downtown.

Check out boutique clothing stores and charming restaurants with local favorites. Don’t miss out on some of the best burgers and beer you can get in Kansas!

2. Gorgeous Views of Nature

Did you know that spending time in nature can actually improve your health? It’s true! So if you are looking for a way to boost your wellbeing and experience the glory of nature, the bike trails in Garden City are perfect for you!

Talley Trail is a good place to start if you want a simple bike ride with great scenic views. Feel free to stop along the way and take pictures!

3. Safe For All Ages

The trails in Garden City are mostly paved and wide enough for two riders. The bike paths make it much safer for young or potentially inexperienced bicycle riders.

The various lengths of each of the bike trails are also a bonus for younger kids who may not be up for the challenge of a longer ride. As always, remember to wear a helmet for optimal safety!

4. Rent or Bring Your Own

If you prefer to travel using your own bike, great! But if not, there are a few spots in the area to rent a bike for the day.

There are a few bike sharing zones as well where you can pay to borrow a bike by the hour. It’s easy, convenient, and hassle-free!

5. Good For Families and Big Groups

It can be hard to plan a vacation that the whole group will enjoy. But with biking, you can pick any number of destinations to please everyone.

Stop by the local zoo, the Big Pool, or shop downtown. There is something for everyone when you choose to bike around Garden City. Ask about other local events or check out our website for more fun activities within biking distance.

Calling All Bike Lovers

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the chance for all bike lovers to book a trip for Garden City today and explore all the sights this quaint city has to offer.

Grab your helmet, bottle of water, and a pair of athletic shoes and you are ready for the biking excursion of your life!

If you want to read more about events and sights in Garden City, check out this full three-day itinerary.

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