Satisfying your sweet tooth has never been sweeter. Southwest Kansas locals are in luck because Garden City has you covered. You’ll get your treat fix whether your sweet cravings take the form of ice cream sundaes, decadent cakes, or hot, fresh doughnuts. Treat yourself by enjoying a delicious dessert from any of these local spots.

Traditions Soda & Sandwich

This diner-style eatery has been serving malted milkshakes to Garden City since 1925. They stick to tradition with twelve ice cream flavors served in dish or cone. Order an ice cream float with your choice of soda and a scoop of vanilla ice cream; the root beer float is highly recommended. Another famous treat is the banana split with any three ice cream flavors and topped with hot fudge, caramel, or strawberry syrup. Traditions Soda & Sandwich also keep pie lovers in mind with coconut cream pie and apple pie. We can’t wait for a sunny day to try the original malted milkshakes!

Loving's Cakes

An expertly crafted and richly delicious cake is just what you need to wow guests on a special day! Loving’s Cakes makes handcrafted masterpieces that are edible too! They make cake dreams come true in the shape of Ninja Turtles, Minnie Mouse, or SpongeBob. These are sure to put a smile on your child’s face at their next birthday party. Loving’s Cakes is devoted to making your vision come alive and feed your guest top-quality sweetness. Tons of photos of overjoyed customers and their cake creations are on display in the Happy Customers album. Loving’s Cakes supplies wedding couples with an elegant tower of white cake layers to cut into on their big day. Pop-in any day and have a tasty cookie or caramel dipped apple. Choosing Loving Cakes is a no brainer for local sweet tooths.

Drink it Milk Tea House

For an exotic and sweet experience head to Drink it Milk Tea House. They transform hand-scooped ice cream into an exciting, hand-rolled experience. The sweet milk base is poured onto a cold cook top, and topping are mixed in right in front of you. The result is smooth, thin rolls of ice cream that tuck into your cup. This sweet treat can be paired with another Thai favorite, Boba tea! This is the tasty spot to explore the wonderful world of Boba tea. Choose your milk tea from a dizzying number of flavors, then add the bubbles. These tapioca bubbles come in mango, kiwi, passionfruit, lychee, and more. Don’t worry, the baristas at Drink it Milk Tea House will walk you through it, and ensure you have a delicious combination to satisfy your cravings!

Panaderia Rositas

This bakery is so popular that sweet treats usually sell out before the afternoon. Panaderia Rositas is well-known for their pan dulce, or Mexican sweet bread. The buttery, fluffy dough is often chocolate or strawberry flavored and topped with a sweet, crunchy frosting. Dozens of fresh pastries are baked daily including sugar-coated cones filled with strawberry icing. When the smell of warm desserts hits your nose, you will forget you ever needed a reason to indulge.

Daylight Donuts

Another bakery that is known to sell out fast is Daylight Donuts! They cater to the kid in you with creative combinations of glazed donut perfection. Order a dozen donut sprinkled, jam filled, chocolate glazed, or custard filled. A customer favorite is the Bear Claw. A generously iced pastry, in the shape of a claw, with cinnamon and dough. Pair the sweetness with a biscuit and gravy for your morning-time meal. These donuts are said to rival the big guys, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’! Get them as the sun rises for the widest selection.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

These guys are the custard pros! Leave it to Freddy’s Frozen Custard to deliver the perfect blend for your sundae. They have premade combinations that make your decision easier. We are going nuts over the Chocolate Turtle Sundae! It is creamy vanilla custard topped with hot fudge, caramel, pecans, whipped cream and a cherry. All of their custard creations can be served as a sundae in a cup or blended into a concrete shake. If your sweet tooth is still craving more, then add any of their thirty toppings to your dessert. They also serve juicy, delicious steak burgers because ice cream sundaes are paired best with a side of burger and fries!

Paleteria Tarahumara

This family-owned business can help you satisfy your sweet tooth on the go. They specialize in handmade ice cream bars! Cool yourself off with a strawberries and cream or bubblegum flavored popsicle. A customer favorite is the coconut ice cream scooped into a cone. The restaurant is inspired by the flavors of Mexico. This is reflected in the aguas frescas that are served in horchata, lemon, or melon infused waters. Paleteria Tarahumara offers creative snack options as well. We can’t wait to see what Flamin’ Hot Dorinachos taste like!

Crispy Donuts

If your sweet tooth kicks in early in the day, then head to Crispy Donuts. They have a colorful array of tasty donuts to get your day started! The maple glazed donut goes perfectly with a house made coffee. This business opened one year ago and have been feeding Garden City locals breakfast every since. Patrons flock to this tasty spot for a dozen warm, glazed donuts. The donut holes and the chocolate dipped strawberries are mess free treats for the kiddos. We are drooling over the apple fritters that are made fresh daily! They even bring in the holiday spirit with themed icing. Get your sugar rush and your caffeine fix over at Crispy Donut.

There are so many tempting options! Locals and visitors have endless sugary opporunities in this Southwest Kansas city. We said that Garden City had you covered, but we didn’t say making a choice would be easy! You may have to make more than one tasty stop on the road to satisfying those sweet tooth cravings.

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