Kansas: home to a plethora of cool wildlife that is exclusive to Midwestern America, and so much of it can be found in or nearby to Garden City.

Get ready for adventure, because here are five types of Kansas wildlife that are a must-see on your next Midwest visit.

1. Bats

Did you know that there are fifteen different species of bat that can be found in Kansas? And no, none of them are Vampire Bats. All species of bats located in Kansas wildlife feed on insects, making them a little less frightening.

The most common bat in Kansas is the Big Brown Bat, which you can find in most habitats. These bats can even live up to 19 years in the wild!

2. Bison

While the last wild bison in Kansas was killed in1879, these mammals have a deep indigenous history with both Native Americans and settlers in the area.

These big, beautiful creatures can be found in local wildlife reserves and will make for a unique sighting during your visit. Check out Sandsage Bison Range & Wildlife Area located right outside of Garden City for the best viewing opportunities. Established in 1916, this area is home to the oldest publicly owned bison herd in Kansas.

3. Bobcats

Bobcats, or often known as Wildcats, are found in Kansas wildlife areas consisting of shrublands and woodlands.

These are nocturnal creatures and often can be dangerous to be near in nature, but they can be viewed safely from the Lee Richardson Zoo! This Garden City zoo is home to over 300 animals and the perfect place to view some of the more predatory wildlife that calls Kansas home.

4. Coyotes

Ready for a fun fact? While coyotes in the wild only have a life expectancy rate of 10 years, some of them do in fact mate for life! That may seem like a short period for us, but to these howling predators it’s still a lifetime commitment.

Wild coyotes can be found all over Kansas, but we’d be careful taking your small dog on any wildlife expeditions you may make to find them! Coyotes typically hunt for rabbits, mice, rats, and squirrels nocturnally, but will also eat small livestock, cats, and dogs from time to time.

Some great viewing areas for coyotes and other Kansas wildlife can be found here, to save you time on finding the best places to view them and experience a real coyote call.

5. Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs may not make for the best pets, but these cute rodents are fascinating animals to watch in nature.

Named after their dog-like barks that alert their colony of nearby predators, prairie dogs can tunnel as deep as 15 feet! These tunnels often serve as protective burrows, and once abandoned become homes to other creatures like salamanders, toads, snakes, and even burrowing owls.

Planning Your Trip to See Kansas Wildlife

While these were just five must-see animal sightings that Kansas has to offer, there are even more that will make your next visit one to remember for any wildlife enthusiast.

For more resources on Kansas wildlife, things to do, restaurants, hotels, and more, explore our website to make your stay unforgettable.

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