The COVID-19 pandemic may have thrown a wrench in your 2021 travel plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome staycation in Garden City. There are tons of COVID-safe activities you can do around the city that your whole family will love.

Let’s look at the best ways to get out of the house and still stay safe.

Covid-Safe Activities in Garden City, Kansas

Whether you’re exploring Garden City solo or with the whole family, this list has something for everyone. Most of these options are free, but any money spent will help your local economy rebuild from the pandemic, so it’s a win-win.

1. Finney County Historical Museum

Step into the past and learn all about the cultural history of your hometown at the Finney County Historical Museum. Admission is free, and you can see everything from the historic 19th century Pleasant Valley School to the world’s largest hairball. To stay safe from COVID-19, wear a mask, and keep a six-foot distance from other museum-goers.

2. Flat Mountain Brewhouse

Check out Garden City’s first local brewery, Flat Mountain Brewhouse, also famously known as the Little Brewhouse on the Prairie. They offer an array of creative beers and a full menu at their lively downtown spot, so it’s a great place for a safe and small gathering. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their jalapeno beer with the build your own mac and cheese.

3. Lee Richardson Zoo

Outdoor activities are the safest option when it comes to avoiding COVID-19, so a day at the zoo is the perfect outing for the whole family. Along with hundreds of exotic animals to see, the zoo has 50 acres of gorgeous landscapes, playgrounds, picnic areas, walking, and driving paths to explore.

Admission is free to walk through the zoo, or you can drive through for $10 to keep your distance from others.

4. The Nature Explore Classroom

Located right outside the Finney County Library, take the kids to the Nature Explore Classroom to get them learning about the great outdoors. They can safely explore the grassy knoll, river ramble, home of the gnome, art island, and more exciting attractions.

The Nature Explore Classroom was designed to be a fantasy world to encourage your kid’s vivid imagination, so it’s a great way to safely get them out of the house.

5. Sandsage Bison Range

Just half a mile outside of Garden City is the Sandsage Bison Range, the oldest privately owned bison range in the US. If you had to cancel a safari trip due to the pandemic, this might just make up for it. The range is also known for its unique plants, so there’s always something to see.

Stay Safe From Covid-19 on Your Upcoming Outings

Wherever you decide to explore in Garden City, there are a few precautions you can take to make your COVID-Safe activities even safer. Always wear a mask and keep a safe distance from other parties, and be sure to check that wherever you’re going has regulations in place to keep everyone safe.

If you’re ready to get out of town safely, check out these road trip ideas to explore Kansas. For more ideas for things to do in Garden City, see the rest of the blog.

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