Not everyone knows it, but cozy Garden City offers some of the most palate-pleasing meals in all of the state. With more and more tourists coming to get a taste of the city and its surrounding areas, it’s easy for people to get caught up in the shopping and entertainment attractions without realizing that they’re missing out on some of the best food. Are you planning a visit to Garden City? If so, you need to be aware of the top-rated places to eat. Here, we’re going to serve up the best restaurants in Garden City and surrounding areas. Just keep reading to find out what they are!

Hanna’s Corner

If you’re searching for a taste of local Garden City life, Hanna’s Corner is the perfect choice. This homey, no-frills American diner is famous for its cheap breakfasts, friendly service, and laid-back atmosphere.

The cooks at Hanna’s Corner serve up everything from sausage and eggs to the world’s most mouth-watering hashbrowns, and it all goes down best with a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to top it all off with pie for dessert!

La Estrella

La Estrella is one of the locals’ most beloved authentic Mexican restaurant. From the perfectly-crafted tacos to their spicy salsa, La Estrella should be on the restaurant bucket list for any Mexican food enthusiast.

Located in Garden City, La Estrella is one of the only places you can get quality, authentic Mexican food that’s easy on your wallet.

Plank’s Barbeque

There’s nothing quite like a good pulled pork sandwich, and at Plank’s Barbeque, you know you’re going to be getting the best.

The casual, homey environment makes patrons feel at home as they enjoy fresh barbeque dishes like brisket and ribs. They also offer a Tuesday night buffet!

At Plank’s Barbeque, it’s a known fact that there’s something for every type of person on the menu. You should definitely consider giving it a try! Insider tip: try the hot BBQ sauce with your meal.

Osaka Steak and Sushi

One of the top restaurants in Garden City is Osaka Steak and Sushi. The huge selection of rolls and other Japanese dishes drive tourists in from all around, and everyone seems to be highly satisfied when they leave.

Competitively priced, Osaka Steak and Sushi offers the most creative and versatile menu while maintaining quality all around. And if you don’t fancy fish, you can try the steak or other meals from the hibachi grill. There are also healthier alternatives on the menu as well!

Visit These Best Restaurants in Garden City

You can’t say you’ve done Garden City right without having visited one of these best restaurants in Garden City. Whether you’re craving breakfast, Mexican, or even barbeque, you’re sure to stay satisfied in this city.

If you’re searching for more things to do during your stay in Garden City, check out our events calendar here! Happy travels!

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