People who live there know, nothing beats the summer in Western Kansas. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and in Garden City, there are plenty of places where a person can cool off.

This is not an article for those who already know. Instead, this article is for those who haven’t been to Western Kansas. Who haven’t experienced the smell of the wheat harvest or felt the wind come in from the plains while standing on the fourth green at Buffalo Dunes.

The world has changed since COVID-19. It might be a long time before people go back to those places where they once flocked like Las Vegas and Palm Beach. People have already started looking at maps, imagining their next vacation in a more subdued, relaxed, and isolated place. Those people are discovering, or perhaps rediscovering, Garden City Kansas.

Why? Because Garden City has it all. World-class hotels and restaurants, pools, a fantastic golf course, incredible service, friendly faces, and multiple places for rolled ice cream. Garden City has everything you want in a weekend getaway, and all without the crowds.

What does the perfect weekend in Garden City look like? That answer is going to vary from person to person and from family to family. Do you love to swim? Golf? Commune with nature? Hunt? Garden City is THE jumping off point for all of those and more!

Plan Your Stay

The first task with any weekend getaway is finding a place to stay. In Garden City, many guests find their hotel stay so comfortable and inviting that they spend a big chunk of their vacations right there. The hotels in Garden City boast some of the city’s finest pools, and one, The Heritage Inn and Suites, is attached to Parrot Cove, an indoor water park featuring some seriously fun water slides. Other hotels include indoor pools, spas, and many feature delicious continental breakfasts.

If you are looking for a cozier stay (or a hotel that won’t tempt you too much to spend the whole day lounging inside), there are plenty of medium sized hotels that offer the same delectable amenities as the biggies (okay, maybe you will still be tempted). The Garden City Inn features an indoor heated pool, while the Comfort Inn has a business center, for those who can’t resist checking their email, even while on vacation.

For some people, going places is all about getting to know the locals. If that describes you, Sunnyland B&B is a very popular choice, famous for its gracious host, comfortable rooms, and Kansas country charm.

Fill Your Belly

Now that you’ve decided where to stay, you’re going to want to plan your meals. Luckily for visitors, Garden City is loaded with top of the line restaurants catering from every style and taste. From coffee shops (Patrick Dugan’s, Central Cup) to fine dining (Baron’s Steakhouse + Bar, Ninja Sushi and Steakhouse) to pub grub (Jax Sports Grille, Old Chicago) to some of the most authentic Mexican food (Cabana, Margaritas, Tacos El Tapatio) you’ll find North of the border!

Whatever it is that tickles your taste buds, you’ll find something to love in Garden City.

Fill Your Days

This one’s going to be tough. Not because there isn’t anything to do, quite the opposite actually. There is so much to do in Garden City, it would be hard to fit it all into a weekend!

Maybe you want to take a family bike ride down the Talley Trail in the morning, followed by a visit to the Finney County Historical Museum in the afternoon. Maybe take a day to ditch the screens and head for a visit to Sandsage Bison Range, where you can see the animal which made the West famous, in all its natural beauty.

If you’re a golfer, you can visit Buffalo Dunes, one of the top rated municipal golf courses in the Midwest. If you’re a hunter, you won’t find better pheasant hunting than out on one of Garden City’s fallow fields.

Garden City has a water park. It has a bustling downtown shopping district. Its parks are picture perfect for summer picnics, and how could we forget about the Lee Richardson Zoo? The zoo hosts plenty of events through the summer months including fairs and live music, and is home to over 300 native and exotic animals of every shape and size.

Come during Beef Empire Days, and you’ll be whisked up in a celebration of Kansas’s favorite food in a carnival atmosphere with craft demonstrations, art installations, music, and of course, food.

What Are You Waiting For?

Garden City is one of the country’s best little cities, and more and more people are discovering its wholesome country charm. Come join them and see what kind of difference it makes when you venture off the beaten track.








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