Finding indoor activities to do on a rainy day can be a challenge. Rainy days can come as a surprise in the plentiful Kansas sun, but keeping a few indoor activities in mind can be a plus. Garden City keeps everyone’s interests in mind with creative indoor activities.  It takes some creative thinking, but Garden City has plenty of indoor activities for everyone’s interests.

Be a Book Worm

Visiting the library should never go out of style! Spend a relaxing day walking through the book-filled aisles filled and discover a good read. The Finney Library is your neighborhood source to check out a book, DVD, or game. They host weekly activities, including Craft Corner and Wee Storytime. Children up to age five can gather around while a library staff member reads a book. They request that you sign-up online to keep the meeting size small. If it is rainy on a Monday, you can join the adult Pen and Paper journal sessions. It sounds so cozy; we don’t even need rain as an excuse to go to the library.

Get Active Indoors

When the weather is rainy, one of the first things to stop is physical activity. It is harder to get moving indoors! The YMCA Dome makes it easier to go for a walk or join a sports team under the roof. As a combined effort between Garden City and the YMCA, construction began on the massive sports complex in 2019. was constructed. There are three courts used for volleyball, basketball and more. In addition to the sports courts, the dome-shaped roof houses a walking track and a functional fitness area. YMCA hosts their league sports in the Dome. You can visit the Dome for a small fee without a membership. It may be raining outside, but we can still get those steps in.

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Nothing says let’s sip warm, foamy coffee like rainy weather. Plus, the welcoming atmosphere of Patrick Dugan’s beckons you to head inside for a cup of joe. Established in 2018, this local coffee shop and the baristas go out of their way to make you feel like part of the neighborhood. The indoor atmosphere provides plenty of seating and windows to peer out at the weather. The coffee beans are top quality creating mouth-wateringly delicious frappes and robust and bold espresso shots. We’ve heard that you can’t go wrong picking a pastry from the menu. Dive right into the rainy-day mood, and enjoy your downtime at Patrick Dugan’s.

Get Thrifty

Rows of bargains are hard to turn down. Well, head to your local Goodwill and see what thrifty outfits you can find. Take thrifting to the next level by bringing your partner or friend and letting them choose what you have to wear! The Goodwill is known for having those back-of-the-closet finds that leave you wondering who wore this? Leave your partner up to finding your outfit, and they may intentionally find the funniest thing in the thrift store! You’ll have to strut your stuff and find confidence in that funky frock. Not only do they have old-school wears, but there are some real hidden gems. If it rains for long enough, you may discover the perfect, gently worn pair of shoes that you’ve always wanted.

Catch a New Movie

Are you all dressed up with nowhere to go? Take a trip to Sequoyah Cinema 9 on your rainy day! Whether you are wearing your thrifty finds or not, Sequoyah Cinema 9 is always a solid choice to pass an afternoon indoors. Renovated in 2010, this cinema dedicates attention to providing a comfortable viewing experience for moviegoers. The schedule stays up-to-date with the latest movie releases. Go to a lighthearted afternoon matinee or the newest thrilled late night. Grab a bucket of popcorn to go with your soda, and enjoy the full-on cinema experience.

Go Bowling

Looking for a little indoor competition? The Garden Bowl bowling alley is sure to settle the score. Beat the rain and rent some bowling shoes. Forget about the weather outdoors and leave it all on the lanes. You can rent bowling shoes for an hour of bowling at this twelve-lane alley. If rolling for a strike is not your expertise, then try your hand at the redemption arcade. They offer seasonal youth leagues to help sharpen young bowler’s skills. We know Garden City enjoys a good bowling game in their spare time!

Head to the Shopping Center

Schulman Crossing is the shopping center for supersized stores. You can get lost in their outlet sized stores, and find just what you are looking for. They have a Petco that welcomes your pets as your shop for toys, food, and accessories. Duck out of the rain with the roofing over the entrances, and the short walk between each store. The industrial-sized Dick’s Sporting Goods will have you dreaming of outdoor activities as your wander through their massive sporting displays. Schulman Crossing includes Ross and T.J. Maxx for discounted clothing, purses, home décor and more. Ulta Beauty is a hot spot for make up essentials. You could even book a hair appointment for rainy day pampering.

Game On

Let’s be honest, most people are ready to make themselves cozy indoors during a rainy day. Having the latest videogame is enough excitement to have you forgetting about the rain. The whole family can make a trip to GameStop for your videogaming needs. Whether you are browsing for a new game or you’re ready to upgrade your gaming system, then GameStop has you covered. Your local GameStop is located on East Kansas Avenue. Break in your new game, and have a legendary play-off for the highest ranking in the house.

Hearing the forecast call for a rainy day may end up being the highlight of the week. Turning the indoors into an inviting and creative space is well worth it in the end. Garden City is fortunate enough to have few rainy days, but we are glad they provide indoor activities for us to enjoy!

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