A gentle breeze drifts on the orange-splashed evening air in Garden City, which over 26 thousand people call home. Here you’ll find something for everyone, whether you crave excellent BBQ or entertainment like a zoo or water park.

Are you considering moving this year? Around 8.9 million people moved in 2020 and this new year is looking like the trend to migrate to a new state will continue.

If you’re feeling the need for new scenery or looking for cheaper housing and better work opportunities, consider Garden City, Kansas! This city is in a beautiful midwest state that offers historical Old West vibes, gorgeous sunsets, and so much more.

If your interest is piqued about Garden City and you would like to learn more, then keep reading. We’re going to dive into all the various reasons that this medium-sized city should be a strong contender for your next move.

How Your Money Fairs

Garden City Kansas has an overall niche grade of B for various reasons. The housing is affordable, it’s perfect for families, the nightlife scene is thriving, and it boasts both ethnic and economic diversity.

This midwest city has a sparse suburban feel. About 60% of the residents own their home, while the other 40% rent. The median rent in Garden City is around $814, which is well under the national average of $1,062.

In Garden City, your money will go further than most other places. The cost of living here is 12.5% lower than the national average. Whether you plan to rent or own your home, you’ll be sure to save money.

Attractions and Entertainment

If you’re interested in visiting to check out whether you want to move here or not, all you need do to get started is Google directions to Garden City Kansas. Or, if you currently live a bit too far away to drive, then there are also flights to Garden City Kansas that you can book.

Lee Richardson Zoo

The Lee Richardson Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the midwest, sitting on a whopping 50 acres of land. It’s open year-round and free to pedestrians.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. If you want to walk the grounds and take in the sights on foot, you won’t be charged a single penny. However, if walking isn’t an option for you, this zoo is large enough to accommodate drive though as well and only costs $10 for a vehicle day pass.

This zoo isn’t just another one of your standard big city zoos, either. Instead, it is beautifully landscaped and sits inside a much larger park—the Finnup Park. Finnup Park is made up of 110 acres of lush nature and offers its own amenities, such as picnic shelters, barbecue grills, playground areas, basketball courts, and public restroom facilities.

Parrot Cove Water Park

Garden City is also home to the top-rated water park in the region. Parrot Cove Water Park offers multiple water slides, a lagoon, a lazy river, a rock-climbing wall, and so much more!

When summer arrives and you want to take your family somewhere to cool off and have fun, this water park will have you covered. Once you work up an appetite, you won’t even have to leave, as well! Parrot Cove Water Park has a dining spot called the Snack Shack where you can eat pizza, hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, drinks, and more.

Finney County Historical Museum

Garden City is located in Finney county. If you’re interested in learning about its local history, then the Finney County Historical Museum is where you want to go.

At this museum, you’ll find a variety of long-term and temporary exhibitions. Here you’ll find such attractions as the world’s largest hairball, be able to learn about CJ Buffalo Jones and the Spirit of the Plains, and much more.

Admission is free, which is a price you can’t beat to learn about the past.


The food scene in Garden City is thriving. There is a myriad of dining options in the city so that you’ll be able to please even the pickiest of eaters in your family.

Interested in some standard American food? You’ll find popular restaurants like Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and IHOP here. Looking for a delicious steak dinner? Then be sure to eat at the Garden City Steakhouse, where the portions are large and the service is fast and friendly.

Is Asian food more what you’re craving? No problem! There are a variety of options in Garden City, whether you’re craving sushi, low mein, or a hot bowl of pho.

Craving Italian or Mexican instead? Or maybe you’d rather just get fast food and settle back in at home to watch television while you eat? No worries. No matter what type of food you’re feeling, you’ll be able to get it in Garden City.

Annual Events

In addition to the many attractions and entertainment venues that exist in Garden City, there are also plenty of annual events to look forward to.

Are you a huge fan of music? Then you’ll love the Tumbleweed Festival. At the festival, you’ll find professional musicians playing rock, jazz, Latino, Caribbean, South African, folk, Zydeco, and bluegrass music. There’s also a spot to keep the younger children entertained with a huge tent devoted to art and entertainment for them.

Another festival to look forward to is the Fall Fest. This particular event combines local and area arts and crafts with food vendors and talented musicians.

Do you love the spooky season of Halloween? Then Boo! At the Zoo will be sure to delight you and the family. The zoo offers a fun and safe trick-or-treat experience, a Haunted Hay Ride, and even a themed train experience.

Visit Garden City, Kansas Today!

As you can see, Garden City, Kansas has much to offer. It is a beautiful location that offers big-city attractions mixed with small-town appeal. No matter what your specific interests are, Garden City offers a sampling of it.

If you think Garden City might be the place you’d like to live in, then be sure to request a visitor’s guide to learn more about the area!

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