One Day Itinerary Sample

If you’ve only got a day to spend in Garden City, well, we weep for you. Kidding. Kind of. But seriously this city is awesome and we’re sure there will be plenty to bring you back. But if you well nad truly only have a day, here’s what we suggest.


Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House

If you’re here on a nice day and the wind is right, you’ll be able to smell Patrick Dugan’s incredible coffee long before you’ve gone inside. While the drip coffee is fantastic, why not splash out with something sweet and seasonal? Paired with a breakfast sandwich or quiche, and you’ll be sure you’ve started your day in Garden City off right.


The Lee Richardson Zoo

The Lee Richardson zoo is a great place to walk off a delicious breakfast. Catch a glimpse of lions, monkeys, and 300 native and exotic species spread across 55 acres of beautiful natural habitat.


Las Margaritas

If you haven’t eaten already at some of the food stalls peppered around the zoo, try out a local hotspot. Las Margaritas is located in the basement of an office building, but the humble location serves up authentic flavor that is hard to match! Try one of their sizzling plates and maybe wash it down with a margarita (or two). No judgment here. ¡Ole!


The Finney County Historical Museum

After lunch, take a stroll through time at the Finney County Historical Museum. Learn about life in Garden City Kansas, from its earliest settlers until now. Don’t miss the world’s largest hairball. Yes, you read that right.


Baron’s Steakhouse & Bar

Baron’s does steak right, and when you’re in Kansas, you know that’s a serious claim. They have a delicious menu, but for our money you can’t beat the steak. Stick around after dinner for a cocktail or two in the lounge.

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