If you are a pheasant hunter, it’s hard to beat Kansas. Imagine spending a chilly Fall day wading through endless undulating prairie grass, with your buddies by your side, and a happy hunting dog at your feet. A bird takes to the air. There’s so much space it feels like it’s flying in slow motion. You raise your 12 gauge. Aim. Fire.

It’s the stuff a hunter’s dreams are made of.

Kansas, especially Southwestern Kansas, is a hunter’s paradise. The climate is perfect and it’s one of the nation’s largest and most consistent pheasant hunting honey holes. Therefore, it’s no surprise Kansas tops out many pheasant hunters’ lists, with between 110,000 and 150,000 stalking through the prairie grass every season.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism allows for the harvesting of roosters between the first Saturday in November until the end of January. Conditions during the season can vary of course, but in general, winters in Kansas tend to be more mild than in many neighboring states, with the sort of landscape pheasants can not resist.

One of the most popular hunting destinations in Southwest Kansas is Finney county, one of the host counties of the annual Rooster Roundup hunting contest. Finney County is fast becoming well known for harboring some the best hunting grounds in the state.

Today, we’re going to break down some of the elements that make Finney County such special hunting grounds, and some of the amenities that make visiting such a treat.

But First…

You should know if you’re going to hunt pheasant in Finney County, or anywhere else in the state of Kansas, you’re going to need a license. Pheasant licenses can generally be purchased online, from the lodge where you booked your hunting tour, or at any one of more than 600 vendors across the state.

The cost for a license for the 2020 season will be $27.50 for residents of Kansas and $97.50 for nonresidents. Additional fees may apply depending on the land you’ve chosen to hunt. You also may need to pay if you are providing your own dog.

Finney County Goes to the Birds

Why do pheasants love Finney County? Finney County lies in the heart of Southwest Kansas, an area named by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism as some of the best hunting grounds in the state. The intricate field system, combined with tall grass, weeds, and shrub brush tend to be exactly what pheasants look for in the Fall, which, coincidentally, is when hunting season is.

In addition, the Kansas Department of Wildlife works closely with staff at Kansas State University to ensure crop implementation that is mutually beneficial to farmers, and the pheasant population which reside close by their fields.

Why Finney County is the Perfect Place to Plan a Hunting Trip 

It is not just the birds which make Finney County such a great place to hunt. The county offers a very favorable environment for hunters, and provides plenty of options to choose from when it comes to lodging and outfitting. In addition, all season long, Finney county participates in the most exciting hunting event in the state, the annual Rooster Roundup.

During the 2019 hunting season, 575 birds were issued leg bands with distinct numbers. When hunters bagged those particular birds, they were eligible to present the tags and claim prizes that ranged from $10 gift certificates and more.

Finney County doesn’t just provide excellent hunting grounds, it provides an atmosphere that celebrates hunters and hunting, the kind of atmosphere that brings hunters and their families in from miles around.

Garden City

Garden City is the main jumping off point for hunts based in and around Finney County, and a quick search will find plenty of hotels in the city, ready and willing to host your hunting party, no matter how big or small.

With attractions such at the Sandsage Bison Reserve and the Lee Richardson Zoo, Garden City is a top destination for animal lovers all over the state.

In addition, you will find a huge number of incredible restaurants within city limits, serving whatever food takes your fancy, from south of the border, authentic Mexican, to Vietnamese, and of course, classic Kansas barbeque.

After hours, there is plenty of entertainment to be found in Garden City, with a variety of venues hosting live music and serving up craft beer and cocktails.


If you are looking to push beyond what you’re used to and have one of the finest pheasant hunting experiences in the United States, look no further than Finney County.

Finney county has the birds, the atmosphere, and the amenities that will ensure your hunt is one for the books.


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