Thanks to coronavirus, many people are hesitant to travel. However, you can easily enjoy safe travel to Garden City for a fantastic pandemic destination.

While the concept of coronavirus and traveling may seem unnerving, there are lots of reasons why a visit to Garden City is a smart choice.

Read on to learn more about why this beautiful location in Kansas is perfect for your next “pandemic destination.”

A Golf Lover’s Paradise

When it comes to social distancing, golf is perhaps the best sport to do it. If you’re interested in safe travel to Garden City, pay a visit to the Buffalo Dunes Golf Course.

This amazing course was voted as the number-one municipally-owned golf course in the state by Golf Digest Magazine. With wide-open spaces and challenging holes, it’s the perfect place to enjoy yourself. A day of golf is perfect for participating in coronavirus travel.

Choose Nature for Safe Travel

Just a bit further outside of Garden City is the Sandsage Bison Range. This natural wildlife area is full of amazing creatures, including the famous American bison and other interesting animals including quail, mule deer, jackrabbit, and much more.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, this is a perfect pandemic destination where you can spend plenty of time in a natural setting. Check the site’s main page to find out more about current rules and regulations in regard to the pandemic and any pending closures that may apply.

Try the Zoo for Social Distancing

If the open range isn’t your thing, consider a visit to the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City. This beautiful zoo sits on 50 acres and features a plethora of walking paths and playgrounds as well as picnic areas for outdoor eating.

When you visit the zoo, you’ll get to say hello to a variety of animals including lions, bears, birds, giraffes, and much more. This amazing zoo is free to visit and open year-round. It’s also fully accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums so you know it’s a quality facility.

Enjoy a Day of Hunting

One of the things that makes Kansas so great for coronavirus travel is its abundance of natural resources. Experience a day of hunting with Riverside Ranch Outfitters, a local hunting guide company that offers a unique and fun setting for all your hunting needs.

This expansive ranch offers a myriad of hunting land including rivers and grasslands where you can find plenty of native pheasant and quail. There’s also thousands of acres of corns and milo stalk cover as well as field cover for plenty of opportunities. This family operation has been offering excursions since 1938 and ensures a safe travel and hunting experience you’ll love.

Visit Us for Your Pandemic Destination

When it comes to safe travel during these trying times, Garden City has you covered. Whether you’re planning to enjoy a round of golf, hunt for game, or explore nature, there’s no shortage of amazing things to see and do while staying safe.

For more information about our beautiful city, visit our website or contact us today!

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