Are you looking for something to do while the weather is still too cold to fully enjoy the outdoors?

We get it. You and your family and friends are restless. You need to find a fun activity that you can enjoy as a group, but what is there to do? Have you ever tried out an indoor waterpark?

Indoor waterparks are a lot of fun for people of all ages. They give you a chance to get some winter use out of your favorite bathing suit and spend a day in the “sun” while it’s still chilly.

Not sure if they’re right for you? Let’s talk about it. Keep reading to learn all about why you should visit Parrot Cove Indoor Waterpark today!

1. There’s No One Right Season For Indoor Waterparks

It’s a huge bummer when the water fun has to end when summer is over. When you pick out one of the best indoor waterparks to visit, though, it doesn’t have to be this way.

During the cooler seasons, indoor waterparks keep the heat at a comfortable level so you can enjoy all of the fun slides and splashing while the weather outside is cold and icy.

You can also visit indoor waterparks during the warmer months. They’re likely to have fewer crowds than the outdoor ones, making them great for families with small children and anyone not looking to wait in line for hours.

This also means that if you decide that the Parrot Cove Indoor Waterpark is your favorite park to go to, you don’t have to stop once the weather gets warm. You can enjoy indoor water fun all year round.

2. It’s Fun for The Whole Family

There are plenty of indoor activities to do during the winter, but many of them get repetitive. Others are only fun for adults while children get dragged along. The ones that are fun for small children can be boring for adults.

Sure, you love to watch your kids have fun, but you want to be entertained too, right?

What if you’re going out with your friends? Can a group of adults have fun at an indoor waterpark?

Totally. Indoor waterparks are fun for people of all ages. There are smaller slides, a splash area, and safe water games available for children. You can keep an eye on your kids as they splash around to their heart’s content.

For the grownups, there’s a lazy river, larger and more exciting slides, and the ability to sit back and relax in the warm (but comfortable) heat.

Not only that, but there are adult swim events so adults can enjoy the waterpark without the stress or noise from children. Sit back and relax on the lazy river with a cold drink and a calm mind.

3. It’s Great for Events

Are you running out of ideas for where to host your next party or event?

You can only have so many children’s parties at arcades before the appeal wears off. Children with winter birthdays miss out on parties at amusement parks, outdoor venues, and playgrounds.

An indoor water park is the perfect place for birthday parties (again, for all ages!) or family reunions. They’re a low-stress environment where people can bond or go off in their own directions. It’s in an enclosed space so everyone can stay together, and there are snacks and drinks available on-site so you don’t have to stress about cooking ahead of time.

What’s not to love?

Indoor waterparks are a unique choice for an event, so your friends and family won’t be expecting it. Tell them to dig out their favorite bathing suit from summer storage and prepare for a fun day in the water!

4. You’re Protected from The Elements

When you’re indoors you don’t have to worry about any kind of bad weather going on outside. A gloomy day doesn’t have to prevent you from having a great time in the water.

This is especially true during winter. Is it snowing outside? Is the ground covered in ice? That’s no problem when your waterpark is indoors.

This is also true year-round, though. How many outdoor adventures have you had to cancel because of bad weather? When the cloud coverage makes the day too chilly or a sudden storm rolls in, your waterpark day is ruined.

This is no longer true if you’re having fun indoors!

Are you worried about bugs? Mosquitoes are annoying summer pests and they love to be around water. Bees and hornets also love the heat of summer. When you’re indoors, there are far fewer bugs to contend with.

Finally, are you aware of how bad UV rays are for your skin? You should always be wearing sunscreen when you’re outside, but during the summer when you’re in the water and the sun is bearing down on you, it won’t cancel out all of the damage.

Protect yourself from skin damage by staying inside.

5. Indoor Waterparks Are Safe

Aside from the boosted safety from bugs and skin damage, indoor waterparks are also safe in general.

When you bring your children to an indoor waterpark, you’re bringing them to an enclosed space where you can keep your eyes on them at all times. This means that there’s very little risk of them wandering off.

Because of the limited space, it’s also easier for lifeguards to keep an eye on everyone so there are no accidents.

Safe water fun is good for everyone.

Is It Time to Go to an Indoor Waterpark?

Gather your whole family together and take them to an indoor waterpark today. You’ll have safe fun without the sun all year round. Don’t limit your splash time to summer.

If you’re looking for a great indoor waterpark in Kansas, come visit us in Finney County. There’s so much fun to be had! Get your free visitor’s guide today so you can start planning your trip.

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