If you’re looking to plan your next vacation to a place that has both city life to enjoy and scenic drives to explore, then look no further than Garden City, KS.

Aside from the awesome things to do within Garden City, this area is surrounded by breathtaking scenery that is perfect for a day’s drive. From wide open prairies to luscious winding hills, Kansas has a lot to offer.

Are you interested in taking the scenic route? Then keep reading for our list of fun road trips near Garden City.

Glacial Hills Scenic Byway

This 63-mile historic byway is located in Eastern Kansas and is perfect for your travels to and from Garden City. In fact, the Glacial Hills Scenic Byway is well known as the historic route of early settlers Lewis and Clark.

Along this route, you will enjoy unique scenery where glaciers once covered the earth leaving behind forest-covered hills and picturesque valleys. This scenic route also offers views of the Missouri River and the abundant wildlife that surrounds it.

Be sure to stop at White Cloud along the way for an overlook that views four different states!

Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway

If you’re looking for a scenic byway that offers more than just prairie views, then take your travels through Gypsum Hills. This 42-mile route takes you through a variety of the natural beauty Kansas has to offer.

Along this byway, you will journey through flat mesas, cap rock formations, canyons, and red hillsides covered in a dense array of cedar, sagebrush, and yucca trees.

You will also find many places to stop for a hike or even a horseback ride if you are looking to get a bit more up close and personal with the landscape.

Western Vistas Historic Byway

Are historic sites what interests you most? Then the Western Vistas Historic Byway is perfect for you. Along this 102-mile scenic route, you will pass by 6 museums and 7 National Historic Sites including the El Cuartelejo Pueblo ruins and the Butterfield Trail Museum.

But historic sites aren’t all that this byway has to offer. The Western Vistas Historic Byway is also filled with picturesque scenery and tons of wildlife. Many travelers report seeing a wide range of wild inhabitants including buffalo, prairie dogs, and wild turkeys.

You’ll also have the chance to stop and climb Mount Sunflower, which brings you to the highest point in Kansas at 4,309 feet.

Take The Scenic Route

Taking the scenic route is always a good choice, especially in the beautiful state of Kansas. There’s no better way to see the vast landscapes and abundant wildlife that this state has to offer than to hop in a car and go explore it yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Kansas today! And for more articles about what to do in the Sunflower state, check back on our blog!

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