Garden City has no shortage of tempting Asian restaurants. You may be surprised by the wide range of Asian delicacies just down the street. That’s why this week, we are going to put the spotlight on the best Asian restaurants in Garden City.


Thai Arawan

This hidden gem, located down an industrial street, has a bright atmosphere. They serve Thai and Chinese-inspired dishes. Thai Arawan cooks up warm curries, spicy noodles, and pad thai that await your taste buds. The pineapple curry is a hit with the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. This restaurant is primarily known for its spice factor. They warn you that spicy level five has only been endured by five customers, ever!  Now that we know, we can’t wait to try the yellow chicken curry, medium spicy. Put heat lovers to the test by grabbing lunch at this seriously hot spot.

Dragon Express

Every city needs a Chinese take-out option that won’t let them down. Dragon Express is a classic Chinese take-out restaurant that serves quality quickly. They are open six days a week for your Chinese food fix. Their menu has sections of chicken, beef, and shrimp meals. Pair traditional flavors like Kung pao chicken, Sweet and sour pork, and Mongolian beef with white rice and egg rolls. Self-proclaimed “Chinese food junkies” approve of this Americanized Chinese food restaurant. It is no wonder, Dragon Express has a regular customer base that keeps coming back for more. We might be heading there for a lunch combo to go!

Jade Buffet

If you have a ravenous appetite that can only be quenched with unlimited Chinese food, then Jade Buffet is what’s for dinner. This is the only Chinese buffet in Garden City. They are known for the salt and pepper shrimp, honey chicken, and of course their all-you-can-eat buffet. Customers recommend that you come early for lunch or dinner as that is when the buffet has the most options. Dinner time is when the steamed mussels and crawfish are stocked on the hot bar. The restaurant has a soda fountain and a sauce bar with an unlimited amount of soy sauce and sweet & sour sauce!

Pho Hoa One

After you’ve had your first bowl of warm, savory pho broth, you end up craving it. Thankfully, you can have a pho-fonmenal meal at Pho Hoa One. For those who haven’t heard about it, pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup often served in beef broth. The flavorful broth is brimming with noodles and your choice of delicate cuts of steak, brisket, or meatballs. A heaping bowl of fresh basil, bean sprouts, and lime wedges complement the hot broth soup.  Customers praise the peaceful atmosphere of Pho Hoa One, located off of East Fulton Street. Pho Hoa One also offers vermicelli noodle dishes, stir-fried rice, and beef stew. Not only that but, diners rave that the spring rolls are worth the drive from Dodge City!

Saigon’s Corner

This lovely Vietnamese restaurant is known for its charming dining room and swift service. Saigon’s Corner cooks up a delicious array of Vietnamese soups and rice dishes. This restaurant is a fierce contender for die-hard pho fans. The traditional bahn mi sandwiches are hoagie buns filled with BBQ or grilled pork, mayonnaise, and pickled vegetables. These are a great starter paired with a beef-based pho soup. They also have chef specialties with a base of rice noodles topped with either beef, pork, chicken, or a combination of vegetables. Customers speak highly of the quality of the pho broth and the crispy egg rolls. We are already thinking about our emerging pho cravings!

Osaka Steakhouse and Sushi

Where atmosphere, food presentation, and taste come together to create a great dining experience. Osaka Steakhouse and Sushi offers high-quality sashimi-grade fish perfected in each sushi roll. They are known for their unique chef special rolls and the love boat with over 50 pieces of sushi. Before the love boat, pair a chicken tempura appetizer to go with miso soup and a fresh seaweed salad for a light starter. Vegetarian rolls are also available. If you are looking for a hibachi experience, Osaka has hibachi tables for the whole family. Teriyaki steak and lobster is a customer favorite. According to customers, this is the best sushi spot in Garden City!

Ninja Sushi and Steakhouse

This zen-inspired sushi and steakhouse offers an exciting event for large groups. Ninja Sushi and Steakhouse has multiple hibachi tables to accommodate your entire party. The hibachi options include chicken, steak, vegetables, or seafood cooked on the flattop in front of you. The hibachi chefs have the know-how to entertain your family while grilling up a delectable meal. While enjoying the show, celebrate with an imported sake or Sapporo beer. Onion soup and spring rolls pair well with the high-quality sushi rolls in the bento box. After an evening downtown, enjoy a fabulous meal at Ninja Sushi and Steakhouse. This sushi and steakhouse is open across the street from the historic Windsor hotel.

Yoyolay Asian Market

If you are ready to try your hand cooking up an Asian meal, then shop at Yoyolay Asian Market. It is no doubt that you can find Asian cuisine inspiration in each of these great restaurants. The Yoyolay Asian market makes exotic ingredients and ready-made meals accessible to Southwestern Kansas. They have top-quality spices imported for your cooking convenience. This is on the top of our list because we have always wanted to try to make our sushi! The rice wine vinegar, seaweed wraps, and wasabi fill the shelves at this Asian market. We are overjoyed that our own kitchen could smell like these enticing Asian restaurants. According to customers, the staff at Yoyolay Asian market go above and beyond to help you find the ingredients for your next cooking adventure.

Who says you have to take a plane to go on a taste bud adventure? Garden City has effortless possibilities to transport you to an Asian vacation. Asian cuisine has a wealth of colorful variety. In conclusion, each of these restaurants brings unique flavors to their dining experience. In reality, no restaurant could be the best at everything Asian. Guess we will have to try them all and take notes!

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