Find yourself in Garden City, Kansas, and looking for something to do? Enjoy the fresh air with these outdoor activities while you have fun exploring the city.

These activities are great for kids and families. Whether you’re taking a day trip to Garden City or planning a longer stay, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time here.

Top 3 Outdoor Activities

Garden City is a small city with a big personality. The outdoors here can offer a chance to see unique wildlife and learn about the history of the area. Here are the top 3 activities you and your family can enjoy outdoors.

1. Lee Richardson Zoo

The Lee Richardson Zoo is home to hundreds of native and exotic animals. On more than fifty acres, the spacious animal habitats are free for guests to enjoy.

This zoo encourages conservation efforts and oversees conservation projects and reproduction for rare and endangered species. There is on-site educational programming to share the love of wildlife and animals with guests.

Guests can enjoy walking paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas throughout the zoo. It’s open year-round and free to pedestrians. You can drive through the zoo for $10.

2. Sandsage Bison Range

Over 100 bison are maintained in this wildlife area. This area remains one of the last tracks of the native sand sage prairie.

Many other animals call this area home: the lesser prairie chicken, spotted ground squirrel, scaled quail, kangaroo rat, mule deer, western hognose, snake, and the black-tailed jackrabbit.

Guests can enjoy guided tours for the opportunity to see bison up close. You can read about the history on their website and call to schedule a tour.

3. The Nature Explore Classroom

Nature Explore Classrooms help to encourage imagination and creative thinking. Located outside the library, there are various areas for children to enjoy the outdoors and learn through activities and nature.

Children can enjoy The Grassy Knoll, Home of the Gnome, Mulch Gulch, Sunflower House, Dream Building, Art Island, Melody Meadow, Secret Path, River Ramble, and The Gathering Tree.

Inspired by fantasy, this magical location is a safe and durable place for kids to learn and explore. The outdoor classroom is filled with perennials and constructed with cedar, stone, and cast concrete.

Your children can have their imagination sparked by Rocky. He’s a large squirrel carved from an old tree trunk and one of the many squirrels who live in the area. Stop by the library and its outdoor classroom for creative education and fun.

Enjoy Garden City

There’s so much to do here in Garden City, Kansas. These fun things to do outdoors will have you laughing and making memories. Which of these outdoor activities are you going to do first?

There’s so much more to do in Garden City and Finney County. Grab your family and see what we have to offer. Don’t be shy! We can’t wait to have you.

Let us help you plan your trip around Finney County.

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