Garden Rapids at The Big Pool

While the Big Pool has closed, something even better is coming soon!

Nothing says summer like a visit to Garden City’s own Big Pool.

Now, when you read that, you might be thinking that the pool is simply a big pool. Trust us, it is much, much more. Apart from being the world’s largest hand dug pool, it is an entire city block’s worth of pure refreshment.

Elephants have swum in the Big Pool. Humans have waterskiied.

Built in 1922, the Big Pool is a real piece of Western Kansas history. And while it’s changed since it opened way back then (did someone say splash park?), it maintains the charms and magic that it had when it was first opened.

Come join us and see for yourself! Daily admission is just $2, and fees go toward pool maintenance.

504 Maple
Garden City, KS 67846
(620) 276-1255

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