Saints of Fun

For a stress-busting day of fun in Garden City, make sure to pay a visit to Saints of Fun and relieve some stress while strengthening friendship and family bonds.

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555 N Jennie Barker Rd
Garden City, KS 67846
620 521-7889

An Experience
Like No Other

Saints of Fun Paintball is the place to go for an unforgettable day of fun with friends and family. Located on Jennie Barker Road in Garden City, they provide fun for all ages with paintball laser tag, and zorb balls.

Whether you are looking for a fun activity with your family, friends, a team outing from work, or a club or organization event, Saints of Fun is one of the premier entertainment venues in Southwestern Kansas.


Saints of Fun’s unique and customized venue is perfect for paintball fights. With rates to suit everyone and packages for groups of all sizes, you

r group will love the energy and excitement that comes from shooting paintballs at each other.

All equipment is provided, including paintballs, field entry, air (HPA), gun rental, and mask. Embrace your inner soldier and test yourself against your friends and family.

Laser Tag

Hone your tactical prowess and team play with an exciting game of laser tag at Saints of Fun. Laser tag is similar to paintball but allows for unlimited ammo and does not require a facemask. Saints of Fun are also available to host mobile laser tag games at your location of choice, subject to rules.

Zorb Balls

Zorb Balls can be rented from Saints of Fun for a day of non-stop entertainment. Whether your team is playing a crazy game of soccer, racing each other in sprints, or rolling down hills, it’s always more fun in a zorb ball!


For exhilarating fun and entertainment, test yourself with a day at Saints of Fun Paintball in Garden City. Visit their website to learn book.

Check out their website at

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