Silver Sage Renaissance Festival

Lords and ladies, come to this year’s renaissance festival. The Silver Sage Renaissance Festival is June 19 and 20th. This medieval-themed weekend is the grand opening event for Finney County Wildwood Park. The 130-acre campground will be crawling with pirates and maidens come mid-June. You are invited to ‘come and play the heroes way’ in this family-friendly environment with ancient appeal.

The hostesses, Melissa and Jacque, are two women that grew up in renaissance festivals. They were inspired by their childhoods, and want to bring the medieval spirit to southwestern Kansas. Melissa is a long-time member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). This organization specializes in the re-creation of historical culture including medieval theatre, battles, and feasting.

She has a rich background on the SCA team as an event organizer and participant. They have the resources and the talent to create an amazing experience for the whole family. These women are working with over 15 sponsors to transform the campground into a whimsical wonderland.

Hungry patrons can head over to the local vendors selling home-made wares and festival foods. The feast will commence with turkey legs, funnel cakes, and corn on the cobb. There will be plenty of food and drink to fill the belly. Crafty shopkeepers will be selling everything from intricate jewels to organic soaps.

Bring your little fairies and pirates to this kid-friendly ren faire. There is an entire Kids Kingdom for your children to conquer. The Garden City Public Library will be hosting a ‘castle storm’ where kids can climb to the top and claim their royalty. Children will have a blast interacting with actors that stay in character as knights and queens. There will also be dragon races for brave little ones and face painting to have them looking the part.

Taketh a walk through the shopkeeper’s alley and listen to the choir of pirates and Vikings singing. Become immersed in a live improv as a lord discovers his gold has been taken by a town peasant. After making your way through the alley, stare in awe at the acrobatics of ‘Flow Foundry’ as she twists and floats high above the ground. Don’t forget to cheer on your favorite knight during a sword fight or an archery competition. You may even squeal in fright as you watch a daring Viking walk across a bed of hot coals!

Guests are welcome to come in medieval garb (costumes) and speak your best renaissance language. You can also come as you are and just observe! They are welcoming Garden City to come and celebrate the end of the long darkness and the beginning of a bright new day. This means the festival will be held during the longest day of the year, the summer solstice! As they say, huzzah (hooray)! Shake off this long, dark year and rejoice in food, friends, and dance.

Enjoy the Silver Sage Renaissance Festival at the Wildwood Campground. This festival is from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, June 19th and 20th. Find your inner king or queen for the day or the weekend.

The Silver Sage Renaissance Festival is free. They kindly accept donations in support of their efforts.

Wildwood Campground is located at: 293 Wilderness Drive, Garden City, Kansas.

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