Volunteering is an amazing way to get connected in the community. The benefits of volunteering range from mental health to resume references. There are volunteer opportunities for all interests and amounts of free time. You would be surprised how many businesses in Garden City offer a volunteer opportunity for you!

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering not only helps the business that you are giving your time to, but it also benefits you in huge ways. Being new to a community or just looking to boost your skill set are reasons to start volunteering. Volunteering facilities relationship and communication skills that are vital for social success.

Making improvements in an organization fills you with happiness. Volunteering supports a healthy mindset. Helping to rehabilitate a puppy or cleaning up a nature reserve provides you with a sense of purpose. Who doesn’t need a boost every now and then?

One unanticipated benefit of volunteering is career experience. There is such a wide range of skills that can be discovered and developed through volunteer opportunities. These opportunities can lead you to finding a reference for future jobs or a new passion.  If you want to grow your resume and are not sure where to start, then start with volunteering!

What Volunteer Opportunities are in Garden City?

The Finney County Humane Society has been devoted to bettering the lives of animals since 1997. The mission of this community run shelter is to prevent the cruelty and suffering of animals and aide in finding them suitable forever homes. The Humane Society is always looking for volunteers to interact with the animals and keep the shelter clean. Some of the duties include feeding, cleaning the play area, handing out treats, washing crates, and socializing with the animals.

They have various volunteer positions available. While at adoption events, volunteers can help handle the dogs and advocate for adoption to the community. Volunteers are also needed for transportation. They need responsible adults to transport animals to foster homes and unload rescues from other shelters.

The Garden City Arts Center brings the creative side to this southwestern Kansas city. The art center hosts art programs throughout the year to showcase the community’s talents. They have sidewalk chalk festivities and ‘Art in the Park.’ These events are largely run by volunteers in the art community.

There are a number of opportunities for volunteers willing to lend a hand. They are looking for volunteers to help set up and tend to the art gallery and the changing exhibits. There are art classes that need extra hands to stay clean and organized.

The YMCA is a big-time promoter of volunteerism. This organization states that they rely heavily on volunteers to run their programs. They believe that volunteers make a big difference in how fundraisers go and on what decisions committee members make. Not only does YMCA support volunteerism as a way to improve your well-being, but also to serve as a role model for young people. Let’s look at the ways in which you can get involved in the YMCA!

Hone in on your coaching talents by becoming a ‘Youth Sports Coach.’ There are heaps of sports leagues that would benefit from your time. If you know your way around a tool box and are ready to make improvements on the building, then apply to be a ‘Tool Timer.’ Make a big impact in the life of a young adult. Volunteer as a ‘Teen Leader’ to help shape youth events, experiences, and early life decisions.

You do not need to have prior experience in these fields. The Garden City YMCA is waiting for your application via Chad Knight at cknight@ymcaswkansas.org or (620) 275-1199 to see how you can help today.

  • The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

This is a great opportunity for families who are ready to volunteer their time to get involved with their children’s interests. The Kansas Girl Scouts is always looking for parents who can help support their districts mission. They believe that whether you give a few hours, weeks, or months, all volunteering can be flexible and fun!

A ‘Troop Leader’ helps to facilitate a friendly environment for scouts while on camping trips and fundraisers. These leaders are the forefront of community events. They are the chaperones on a journey of making childhood memories. A group of explorers always need a few helping hands to get them the resources they need.

Become a Cookie Volunteer! This position involves coordinating the annual cookie sale, and you have guaranteed first-come-first-serve access to those delicious Girl Scout cookies! You can teach those girls how to sale their cookies and share in the joy they get from each sale.

These are just a few of the wonderful ways that your time can impact the community. You never know what you will find joy in until you get out there. Do not hesitate to ask your local businesses if they need help from a volunteer. Find time to connect with the community and fuel your health by volunteering in Garden City.

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