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Need some information or have a question about the Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau (FCCVB)? Please check out this list of frequently asked questions.

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The Mission of the Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau (FCCVB) is to attract overnight visitors to Garden City and Finney County for lodging through tourism, marketing, convention sales and public relations while featuring local amenities, attractions and events; thereby enhancing the economic benefit and quality of life in southwest Kansas.

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The FCCVB is a stand-alone organization comprised of a staff and a board of directors. The FCCVB board has ten members, six of whom are hoteliers; at-large members make up the other four. While the staff reports to the board of directors, the FCCVB as a whole is accountable to the Finney County Commissioners.

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The FCCVB does not receive funds from the county, the city, or any other government agency; instead, we are completely funded by the transient guest tax (also referred to as the bed tax) levied on lodging rentals here in Finney County.

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The transient guest tax is a tax levied by our local government on lodging rentals for the purpose of financing tourism activities. Finney County is the entity responsible for administering the transient guest tax. Guests renting a room (for not more than 28 days) pay the tax. Businesses with more than two rooms to rent are required to collect the tax.

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The state statute regarding the transient guest tax provides us with very clear guidelines as to how we use our funds; attract visitors to Garden City and Holcomb by promoting convention and tourism here in Finney County.

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Tourism adds to our local economy in a variety of ways, including hotel and restaurant expenditures and taxes as well as taxes paid on transportation and other goods and services. In addition, tourism has helped to attract outside capital and local investment in our community, especially in construction of new businesses, restaurants, and hotels, which has resulted in the creation of new jobs. New job opportunities attract new citizens to live in the area, which spurs housing starts and the creation of still more new jobs.

In addition, tourism provides approximately $917 in tax relief to each Kansas household each year.

In 2011, 32 million visitors came to Kansas and generated tourism expenditures of $8 Billion. Tourism is the third largest industry in the state, and recent estimates are that one out of every ten Kansans owes his or her job to tourism.

Here in Finney County, the numbers are big too. In 2011, visitors to Garden City and Holcomb spent $124,000,000. This was more than four million more dollars than was spent in Ford County during the same time.

Remember, visitors come to our community seeking good restaurants, nice hotels, and interesting things to do. The same features that attract tourists to Finney County are also those essential to businesses that may be looking to move to our area. They also enhance the quality of life for those of us who live here.


One final note:

I encourage everyone to look at our community with new eyes—the eyes of someone who has never been here before. I think you’ll be surprised at what you see, terrific attractions and amenities, and friendly people who take the time to welcome visitors to town.

We appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit our website, comes by the office, or calls or emails us with a question or an idea. We hope you feel as we do—that the communities of Garden City and Holcomb are great places to live and work, and that promoting tourism in Finney County is important.

If you did not find the answer to your question, or if you need additional information, please let us know. Contact us via email at, call us at 620-276-0607 (toll-free is 1-800-879-9803) or come by our office at 1513 East Fulton Terrace here in Garden City.


Roxanne Morgan
Executive Director
Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau

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