The Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau fulfills many important roles within Finney County. We are coordinators and cheerleaders, we serve, we tell stories. We are marketers, developers, trainers.

We work tirelessly to spread the message of Finney County, and to serve as brand ambassadors, bringing people into this prairie oasis and helping them to discover it themselves. And then keep discovering it, again and again, year after year.

We believe strongly that Finney County is at its best when its individuals and businesses are at theirs. Thus, we have developed a two-pronged approach with our services. One, we work to strengthen the component parts of the community, through training, community building, and shared learning. And two, we serve as a megaphone to spread the message of Finney county’s success and all it has to offer across Kansas and beyond.

Here are Some of the Ways We Accomplish our Mission

  • We provide leadership for the tourism industry in Finney County, coordinating activities, encouraging marketing programs, and projecting the myriad appealing attributes Finney County has worked so hard to cultivate through the years.
  • We drive home the idea that there is no finer destination than Finney County, whether someone is a meeting professional, business traveler, tour operator, or vacationer.
  • We represent the hotels, facilities, attractions, restaurants, retail merchants, and other providers who serve visitors and who’s hard work and dedication make Finney County the best in Kansas.
  • We provide an array of services to event coordinators working to develop conventions and provide business travel into Finney County. This includes suggesting itineraries and overnight accommodations.
  • We help visitors plan the best, most exciting forays into Finney County by providing well-researched visitor packets full of the latest and greatest we’ve got to offer. We strive to make tourists feel like locals, and keep them coming back.
  • We collaborate with regional partners in promoting Southwest Kansas, and spreading the message we all know is true: This is an ideal location to visit.
  • We develop and support training initiatives for hospitality employees in Finney County, which keeps our service standard one of the highest in the world.
  • We actively engage potential visitors across social media channels by creating excellent content designed to showcase everything Finney County has to offer.
  • We strengthen cooperative advertising & partnerships to maximize advertising dollars and broaden our reach and brand awareness. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

We offer these services and more, all with the singular goal of showing off the best county in Kansas, the heart of the prairie and the jewel of the west: Finney County.

Or, as those of us who live here like to call it, home.

Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau

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