Looking for fun activities for the kiddos (or their parents)? If so, we’ve created some Garden City-themed activity pages just for you!

American Buffalo Coloring Page
Just like you’ll see at Sandsage Bison Range!

Buffalo Jones Coloring Page

Buffalo Jones Coloring Page
The father of the American Buffalo.

Kansas Maze Activity Page

Kansas Maze Activity Page
Can you make it to the state capital?

Kansas Trivia
How much do you know about the greatest state in the country?

Sunflower Coloring Page

Kansas Sunflower Coloring Page
The Kansas state flower!

The Big Pool Coloring Page

The Big Pool Coloring Page
Garden City’s very own Big Pool, featuring Moki the elephant.

Windsor Hotel Coloring Page

The Windsor Hotel Coloring Page
The Ritz of the prairie!

Western Meadow Lark Coloring Page

Western Meadow Lark Coloring Page
You’ve heard their songs, now color their feathers!

Conservation Carasoul coloring page
Think you can color it all?

Flamingo Fun Coloring Page
What color is a Flamingo?!

Lemur Coloring Page
Primate Lemurs ready for you color them!

Red Pandas Coloring Page
Panda on a broom!?

Word Search Page

Word Search Page
Can you find all 16 words and phrases?

Lee Richardson Zoo Coloring Page

Lee Richardson Zoo Coloring Page
Color and learn about the best zoo in Kansas.

Lettie Fulton Coloring Page

Lettie Fulton’s Garden Coloring Page
Learn how Garden City got its name!

Zoo Puppets Coloring Page
Who’s your favorite?!

Finney County and Garden city originated from hard-working farm families who worked the land and grow the food we eat every day.  Here are some young men who are raising animals in the area.

Don’t you think this is interesting? Do you remember what a boy mule is called and a girl mule?

Neat Projects for All Ages

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