The experts refer to the climate in Finney County Kansas as semi-arid steppe. This puts it in the comfortable company with places such as: Reno, Nevada, Lampedusa, Italy, and Murcia, Spain.

It is dry, generally, and temperate, with less rain and snowfall than the nationwide average, but with enough precipitation to support sturdy sagebrush and, of course, the grass for which Kansas is famous.

For visitors, this means one thing, sun! Garden City receives 246 days of sunshine per year. Temperatures can swing climb into the 90’s on hot summer days, but more often that not hover around the high 70’s, low 80’s.

In the winter, temps can fall into the single digits and even dip below zero, though that is relatively infrequent, while 15 to 20 degrees is common.

Visitors, especially those who come in the late spring or summer, should take care to bring plenty of water and sun protection wherever they might roam.

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