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From corner to corner, Kansas hunting opportunities seem nearly limitless. Kansas is home to some of the most extensive public hunting lands in the country. We have over 1,300,000 acres of public and private lands that are open to seasonal hunters. Arguably, some of the best are right here in Southwest Kansas, with vast array of habitats, and a variety of different game species. Our hunting outfitters are also ready to help, whether you’re a seasoned pro, or someone wanting to learn how to hunt.

Our hunting culture and heritage runs deep, but you don’t have to be a local to participate. In fact, we’ve become known as one of the largest travel hunter destinations, hosting hunters from around the world. Read on to discover why more hunting enthusiasts are choosing Garden City as their base camp destination, and why you should too!

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western kansas hunting

Hunting in Southwest Kansas, specifically hunting near Garden City, KS, is a truly fantastic experience, and something we’re proud of. The locals are friendly and inviting, there’s plenty of gun suppliers, hunting supply shops, taxidermists, and no shortage of lodging options who actually speak the language of hunting and understanding the unique amenities you need as a traveling hunter.

Great for Any Skill Level

If you’re a new hunter, or someone needing a guidance on local game and scouting the absolute best locations, considering hiring one of our local hunting outfitters. Their sole aim is to provide hunters with abundant game and shooting opportunities while having a little fun. Riverside Ranch Outfitters for example, is a family-owned business operating since 1938 with access to over 2,000 acres of hunting land overlapping the Arkansas River.

Leave the Cooking to Us

After a day in the field, sample bold cuisine from a melting pot of different cultures and styles. Whether you’re in the mood to try something new, or some soul warming comfort food, you can bet the wide array of restaurants in Garden City have something for you. Next year, you may just find you’re actually coming back for the food!

The Amenities You Need

As a community specializing in traveling hunters, our world-class hotels and motels in Garden City understand the unique challenges for visitors. Whether you’re looking for a brand new room, or a historic bed and breakfast, our hoteliers will make sure your entire stay is stress-free, and ready to meet your needs!

kansas pheasant hunting

The ring-necked pheasant may well be the most popular game bird in Kansas, as nearly 150,000 hunters flock to Kansas pursuing them each year. Kansas pheasant hunting harvests range from 425,000-824,000 annually, ranking us in the top 3 in the entire country.

Ring-neck pheasants were first introduced to the area in 1906 and they’ve loved calling Garden City home ever since (as will you). Their populations have steadily increased, and are closely monitored with the help of, believe it not, rural mail carriers. For the most recent numbers, hunters should consult the annual upload bird hunting forecast, available on the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism website.

The Kansas Pheasant Hunting season generally lasts from mid November, to late January and allows for a daily bag limit of of 4 male birds in regular season.

deer hunting

Two deer species call Kansas home – the mule deer and white-tailed deer. Whitetails have found that Kansas’ landscape suits them perfectly well, with woodlands, shelterbelts, grasslands, and they love foraging in crop fields. Trophy sized bucks can be founds in nearly all regions of Kansas.

For the most recent hunting information, check the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism website.

Kansas Deer Seasons

  • General Youth and Disabled Hunt: Sept. 9-15
  • Archery: Sept. 14-Dec. 31
  • Muzzleloader: Sept. 14-27
  • Pre-Rut Antlerless Deer: Oct. 10-12
  • General Firearms: Dec. 2-13
kansas turkey hunting

Due to unregulated hunting wild turkey were nearly eradicated from Kansas, but thanks to a successful reintroduction program, wild turkeys have once again called Kansas home since the 1960s and today can be found in nearly every part of the state. The local species of Turkey are known as Rio Grande Turkey.

The turkey hunting season in Kansas is generally about 80 days in length in the fall, and the numbers of wild turkey are closely monitored through a series of annual surveys.

According to a a recent hunter survey 40% of repondents reporting harvesting at least one bird.

Kansas Turkey Hunting Seasons
Due to ongoing population management and oversight, turkey hunting season and regulations in Kansas can vary from one year to the next. For the latest information regarding turkey hunting seasons, requirements, and licensing, visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism website.

kansas bobwhite quail hunting

Did you know Kansas consistently ranks within the top three states in the entire country in quail harvests?

Quail can usually be found statewide making Kansas quail hunting a popular destination for providing not only very good quail hunting but a beautiful setting too! Around Garden City, you may also find scaled, or blue quail in addition to bobwhites.

Kansas Hunting Seasons
Quail hunting in Kansas typically mirrors Pheasant hunting with the regular season occurring between November and January of each year.

For the latest information regarding hunting seasons in Kansas check out the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism website. There you’ll find helpful information regarding hunting, cleaning, surveys, videos and more.

No matter your Kansas hunting needs, our community is ready to help!

Hunting Guide

Riverside Ranch Outfitters
2013 Pioneer Road
Garden City, Kansas 67846


King Taxidermy
10505 6th Road
Ingalls, Ks. 67853
(620) 335-5424


Great Plains Taxidermy
218 J E Humphreys Street
Ashland, Ks. 67831
(620) 635-4423

Gun Dealers

AAA Pawn Shop
132 W. Kansas Ave
(620) 276-4000

Eyecatcher Smithing
1203 N. Taylor Ave
(620) 271-0349

Postrock Trading Company
1203 N Taylor Ave
(620) 276-8171

Walmart Supercenter
3101 E Kansas Ave
(620) 275-0775

Wooden Nickel Pawn Shop
1302 Taylor Plaza E
(620) 276-6074

Workingman’s Guns
1106 McCoy Dr
(620) 272-0803

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