An Evening in the Past

An Evening in the Past

Spend an evening being transported back in time, during the immersive An Evening in the Past program. These living history presentations are showcased at the Finney County Museum Courtyard. An Evening in the Past have hosted historical programs for the entertainment of Garden City locals for over seven years. Join the crowd for an old-time inspired barbecue with live-music. The featured live-music band rotates each year, as well as the history re-enactment. Past musical performances have included cowboy band Al Miller, the Generation Gap Quartet, and country poetry by Keith Downer.

Step into History

The Finney County Historical Museum chooses a theme from the past for the historic evening. Previous An Evening in the Past events have featured retellings of life during the Great Depression and the days of the Black Sunday storm in 1935. Often, there are actors dressed in period costumes to present the story, but occasionally someone gives a first-hand account of life in the past. This program is a great way to learn about Southwest Kansas living in the 1900’s like creating a living on a homestead and traveling by horse drawn carriage.

Exciting Reenactments

In the past years, the program has found exciting characters to reenact each historic roll. There is the fond memory of a retired Kansas Highway Patrol officer, Lary Cole of Holcomb, performing as Buffalo Jones. Lary is the perfect fit for Buffalo Jones because he has a hobby of cowboy action shooting and collecting vintage firearms. Lary Cole is one of the four founding members of the ‘Evening in the Past’ programs; and he plays an important role in historic walking tours of the old cemetery and Kearny County Historical Society.

Other performances have included John Henry ‘Doc’ Holliday, an associate of the infamous lawman Wyatt Earp played by Marc Ferguson. Ferguson is an award-winning Old-Time reenactor and is a charter member of the Reenactment Guild of America. Ferguson is an avid collector of reproduction firearms from the 1900s. He has also worked as a historian and reenactment gunfighter at the Dodge City Boot Hill Museum.

Come see one-of-a-kind performances

These are only a few of the one-of-a-kind guests that you get to watch do their reenactment magic at An Evening in the Past. The Finney County Museum keeps the public up-to-date on the theme, performer, and band for each event. With only eighty-eight tickets available, this annual gathering is known to sell out quickly. Whether you are interested in hearing recollections of the Dust Bowl or firearm touting cowboys from the Midwest, this program is sure to please.

Family Fun

Bring the whole family to enjoy informational and lighthearted historical reenactments with period-style costumes. Old-time style food will be served outdoors on the patio of the Finney County Museum. These events are hosted in the month of May. Only eighty-eight tickets are available. And, if history repeats itself, these tickets sell out fast!

For more information, please call Finney County Historical Museum at (620) 272-3664

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