2020 is the year of being a tourist in your own country, and if you want to go on a family trip this Fall, but can’t decide where to, we have the absolute perfect destination for you.

Yes, you guessed it, it’s Garden City, Kansas.

In this city, there’s no shortage of things to see, visit, and experience, things that children and adults alike will enjoy and never forget – and what else could you ask for on a family trip?

Keep reading to discover six Fall activities in Garden City!

1. Go on a Safari at the Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo

Spending time in nature isn’t only relaxing, but it’s a fantastic way for your little one to learn about different things in an interactive, engaging way.

The Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo is a great place to visit on a sunny Fall day and there you’ll get to see all sorts of animals, from majestic mammals to colorful birds, crawly invertebrates, and more.

You can even “adopt” one as a family and help the zoo improve the quality of their animals’ lives!

2. Spend an Afternoon at the Finney County Historical Society

Going to Kansas without learning about the past and present of the Southwest just isn’t the same!

At the Finney County Historical Society, you’ll find all sorts of educational experiences that will keep the entire family entertained, as well as several gardens and an amazing one-room schoolhouse from the 1890s.

Their exhibits change from time to time so our tip is that you keep an eye on their agenda.

3. Go Bowling at the Hard Rock Lanes

If it’s rainy and cold outside, and you’re looking for a fun indoor activity, we suggest you visit the Hard Rock Lanes.

Open every single day of the week, the Hard Rock Lanes is the perfect spot for you and your family to get into some friendly competition.

You ever get bored of bowling, you can always try your luck at their Tumbleweed Turf Miniature Golf Course!

4. Watch a Movie at the Sequoyah 9 Theater

Going to the movies might not seem like the most exciting activity for a family trip, but the Sequoyah 9 Theater is a unique spot, where small-town charisma and current technology mix to create the perfect ambiance.

As if their fully loaded snack bar wasn’t enough to convince us, the prices are extremely low-cost.

Ideal if you’re on a budget!

5. Escape the Room at Escape the Clock

If you want to go on a team-building activity as a family, that will get all your brains going at full speed, you need to visit Escape the Clock.

There are two rooms that are kid-friendly, called Alice in Wonderland – The Final Chapter and The Mayan Experience.

Which of These Fall Activities in Garden City Will You Try?

As you can see, there’s a lot to do in Garden City and we know the adults will love our Fall activities just as much as the kids will.

Get ready to create unforgettable family memories in Garden City and make sure to check our itineraries for even more fun ideas!

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