If you live in Finney County, Kansas, or are visiting for work or leisure, make a point to visit the Sequoyah 9 cinema in garden city.

Sequoyah 9 cinema features a 7.1 sound surround, 100% digital projection, and stadium seating. The concession stand also has an array of options to choose from, so ensure you check it out. Whether you would like an afternoon matinee or a night at the movies, make a point to visit this cinema with friends, family or even go by yourself.

You will be able to catch all the new and latest box office releases, and there are plenty of other activities that you can partake in, in Garden City after visiting the cinema. You get to have the urban theatre experience without the stress, lines, and crowds. Listed below are fun things you can do in Garden City after seeing a movie at Sequoyah 9 cinema.

Parrot Cove Indoor Water Park

After visiting the cinema, you could visit  Parrot Cove Indoor Water Park. You can spend quality time and take a splash here when you are in Garden City. Whether you would like to host a party or a family reunion, planning a mini-vacation, or passing through, you should visit Parrot Cove.

You will most likely get your money’s worth when you visit this little park, and their staff is also accommodating and friendly. There is everything for everyone at this park. There are also plenty of activities that both kids and adults can partake in. They have multiple slides, rock climbing, basketball hoops, a play park section, and there is also plenty of food and beverage. This is a great spot to spend time in if you are visiting Garden City.

Lee Richardson Zoo

If you love animals, you must visit the Lee Richardson zoo when you are in Garden City. They have over one hundred animal species in the zoo, such as black panthers, puma, lions, birds, sloth bears, giraffes, and elephants. They have both native and exotic animals at the zoo. The zoo is well kept, and you will have a pleasant walk.

Pedestrians are administered for free, but there is a fixed charge for anyone with a car. You can also cycle in the zoo if you would like to. The zoo has spacious animal exhibits, shady avenues, picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking paths. Pets are not allowed in the zoo except for service dogs.

Garden Rapids at The Big Pool: A Fan Favorite is Coming Back

If you have kids, you could take them to the big pool for a swim. The pool is clean and has lifeguards who are attentive. If you have kids who are learning how to swim, you can rest assured of their safety. Another added advantage is that the pool is rarely crowded, so you can relax and have a good time. The bathroom changing area is also very clean, and the swimming prices are very reasonable. However, you cannot go in with your floaters. You have to rent theirs, which you return once you are done using.

Some of the things they offer are a kids pool, splash pad, challenge course, boards, lap swimming area, and slides. Garden Rapids at the Big Pool is perfect for both kids and adults. Note that the pool is often closed during winter, but you can still pass by and check out how huge it is.

Sandsage Bison Range Wildlife Area

If you love animals, another great spot to visit is the Sandsage Bison Range Wildlife Area. It is a wonderful place to view buffaloes and wildlife. The grasslands are very beautiful. There are tour guides who can show you around, educate and share information with relating to the bison. Other than information about the ecology, they could also share stories with you about what it is like to work with the bison on the refuge. It would be best to make a reservation before you visit. If you love wildflowers, this will also be a great place to visit, especially between March and June since that is when the prairie is full of blooms.

You could also get a wildflower and wildlife identification handbook inside their office. It would help if when you visited, you donated to the volunteers. Donations ensure that the animals can keep living at the range and multiply in numbers. This preserves both the animal and its environment for the future.

Historic Windsor Hotel

The old hotel has a great history, and you can take a tour at a fee. Windsor hotel is also commonly referred to as the “waldorf of prairie.” The hotel is an endangered building. It is a four-story hotel with one hundred and 25 rooms. The hotel used to be a popular stop for both businessmen and ranchers. It was closed in 1977 and remains un-operational to date.

Saints of Fun

You can visit Saints of Fun with friends, an organization event, club, team building, and family for a fun day of stress bursting. They have various activities that can help you spend quality time together and help you bond. All ages can participate in the fun activities such as zorb balls, laser tag, and paintball. They have rates for individuals and package rates for different group sizes. They provide you with all the equipment you may need. For instance, if you decide to partake in paintball, you will be given a mask, gun rental, air (HPA), field entry, and paintballs. They have a website where you can make a booking if you plan to visit.

You will not only have fun and entertainment when you visit Saints of Fun, but you can also tap into your tactical prowess through laser tag. If you would like them to host a mobile laser tag game for you, it can be done at your preferred location, but there are certain rules that will have to be upheld.

Escape the Clock

Escape the Clock offers live escape games. There have various adventure themes that you can select from, once you pick an adventure, you will try to escape the room using clues, and solving codes to achieve your goal before time runs out. If you are able to reach your goal, you get to sign their victory wall and get your picture taken. Some of the themes they have include:

  • The gingerbread cottage can hold a maximum of seven people and if perfect for families.
  • The vanished can hold a maximum of six people. It is horror-themed, so it may not be suitable for kids.
  • Alice in wonderland holds a maximum of eight people. It is a magical adventure that is suitable for the entire family.
  • The copper county conviction holds a minimum of three people and a maximum of twelve people. It is quite challenging, so it will be too complicated and hard for children under thirteen years of age.
  • The Mayan experience holds a maximum of twelve people. It involves a lot of hands-on activity and is appropriate for the entire family to take part in.

If you would like a night out of laughter and experience, then you should definitely visit this place. The owners have put incredible thoughtfulness into the puzzles and props that you are likely to go back there for a second visit. It is also a great way for team building since you will all have to work together. You are given about an hour to solve and escape from the rooms. Escape the Clock is both fun and adrenaline-filled, and you should try it when you visit garden city.

Garden City Arts

If you love and appreciate art, then you should definitely make a point to visit Garden City Arts. They house a new exhibit monthly, and they also have a wide range of gifts that have been crafted by Kansas-based artisans that you could choose from. Their staff is knowledgeable, good at their job, and friendly. They have art days every first Saturday, and they are quite fun and, best of all, free. They also hold workshops for all ages, quality artist gift gallery offering, and rotating art shows.

This is also a great place to stop by to learn about art, it does not matter how old one is, the director accommodates everyone. They also showcase both local and regional talented artists’ work in the exhibit spaces and the gift shops. The art pieces range in prices. You can take a painting class where you will be guided by the director and afterwards you can take your painting home. Note that you do not need to have any painting experience.

There are several other activities that you could take part in once you have watched a movie in the cinema at Garden City. These activities are both fun and educational and a great way to spend time with your friends and family. If you are visiting, this is a great opportunity to learn about the community. There are also several eateries and restaurants that you could visit and sample out the cuisine.

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