Are you coming to Garden City, Kansas, any time soon? If you are, we’d like to welcome you!

Garden City is a fantastic place, complete with many different spots that pique the interests of all kinds of travelers. For instance, if you love to shop, we have many different options for you.

But where is the best shopping in Garden City?

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best shopping places around town. Keep on reading to learn more and get the most out of your trip!

Schulman Crossing Center

Looking for a place that has a little bit of everything?

Schulman Crossing Center has enough to keep your whole family satisfied!

This mall contains 14 stores that center on selling different items. It features restaurants, clothing stores, and hardware shops. You can also find supplies for your pet at PetCo and do your grocery shopping at Sam’s Club.

Need a cell phone? You can get your phone needs taken care of at Cricket Wireless or United Wireless.

Garden City Plaza

Do you want a shopping center that offers everything from clothing to auto parts?

If so, check out Garden City Plaza!

The Plaza includes 23 stores, which makes some of the best shopping in Garden City. They include Subway, Buckle, KFC, Advance Auto Parts, Famous Footwear, Sally Beauty, JCP Salon, Christopher & Banks, and more.

You can even get your guns at Workingman’s Guns or satisfy your inner gamer with a trip to GameStop!


By now, Target has established itself as a mainstream retailer selling all sorts of household goods.

Because of this, Target has become an excellent one-stop shop for all of your needs. You can buy clothing, household supplies, medicine, food, and electronics all in one visit.

Even better, Target stores remain consistent throughout the nation. This means that no matter what, you’ll know what you can find there, even if you’re traveling to a different town.

Tumbleweed Thrift Boutique

Want a cute shop that sells fashion?

Tumbleweed Thrift Boutique allows you to both donate and shop. Bring any of your older clothing items to the store and then enjoy the adorable indoor set up.

If you want, you can just come in and peruse the racks as well. The store offers a variety of women’s fashion options for a discounted price.

Its warm interior also makes it an inviting and a pleasant place to shop. If you enjoy cozy and memorable shopping experiences, this will probably rank as one of your favorites.

Who knows? You might just find something cute and affordable to wear!

Want to Go Beyond the Best Shopping in Garden City?

So, you’re visiting, and you want to know about the best shopping in Garden City.

Above, we’ve provided you with a solid list of fantastic local and national brands. No matter where you decide to shop in Garden City, we can guarantee you’ll find items you’ll treasure for a long time to come.

Want to know more about Garden City? Start planning your trip today!

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